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  • $24.99
Soul Helper Oracle
by Fader, Christine Arana
9781644114681 (1644114682)
Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publish Date: 2022-04-19

A 43-card deck and book to help you hear the whispers and wisdom of your soul
* Features full-color cards to connect with your higher self, understand your true feelings, accept what is, and find your way back to your soul*s path
*The guidebook reveals four companions to support your work with the message of each card: a crystal, a spirit animal, a number, and a plant essence
* The guidebook also explains how to use the cards to channel your inner voice and how to work with the theme of a card for a 21-day cycle, allowing you to make meaningful changes and apply what is revealed to you. Held within your soul lies your highest potential and your own profound inner wisdom. By connecting with the messages of your soul, you can discover the answers you seek and initiate a much deeper process of transformation and awakening.