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Everyone has natural intuitive senses and the ability to develop those senses for improved well-being. As you make your way through this book your gifts will make themselves known through exercises and stories included in every chapter. You will be able to personally relate to your different psychic senses and identify which gifts come more naturally to you. You will also learn what your intuitive senses are called and just how each one helps you.
The English words for psychic senses start with "clair," which is French for "clear," giving us clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear hearing (clairaudience), clear feeling (clairsentience), clear knowing (claircognizance), clear tasting (clairgustance), clear smelling (clairalience or clairolfaction), clear emotion (clairempathy), and clear touch (clairtangency).
You will experience all of these senses in these pages. You'll also have an opportunity to explore telepathy and psychokinesis in the final chapters.