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How to Get the Most Out of This Book . . .
My Intention. The purpose of this book is to open readers' minds to the eternity of life and the magic of their own minds so they may understand how to use universal energies for their highest good. In the process, I hope as always to empower and entertain as well as enlighten. The chapters, therefore, have been broken down into two parts: the stories and the Dear Natasha questions and answers that follow each story. These are the most common queries posed by my clients. My responses to the questions are intended as a metaphysical, spiritual, psychological, quantum- consciousness teaching to elaborate on the preceding story.
Some readers of my first book, Aaagh! I Think I'm Psychic-in which I used a similar format-preferred to first absorb the stories while skip- ping over the teachings. Once they had read the main chapters straight through, they then returned to absorb the stories and the teachings. Try it your way, whatever that may be, and see!
Your Beliefs. I have not written either of these books to beat you, dear reader, over the head with my beliefs nor to discredit any religion or credo about our spiritual journey. These stories are based on my own personal and professional experiences as a psychic. I will, of course, only see my experiences through my own set of perceptions. Our beliefs, whatever they may be, serve us in some way until they are no longer valid, and then we change them. If this book offends you, therefore, know that it was not the author's intention. (Just leave the book at the local funeral home.) I will not apologize for expressing my truth. If it is also your truth, you will recognize it. Validation, peace, freedom, relief, and even joy may resonate within you. What I do hope is that these writings will empower you to forgive and heal your old hurts and/or aid you in communing with loved ones, alive or dead. Some of the stories might put a smile on your face or even make you cry. Mostly I hope that my writing will inspire you to live freely in the moment, without guilt, and to know that no one is dead, because life is eternal. It is never too late to love and be loved.