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  • $24.99
A Year of Angel Guidance
by Robertson, Leeza
9780738770314 (0738770310)
Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publish Date: 2023-01-08

Connect with twelve new guardian angels using this month-by-month guide. Each guardian is the focus of a full calendar month, bringing you daily guidance based on that angel's theme. Willow shows you how to manifest your goals in March, Solis ignites your passion in August, and Sophia encourages you to reflect in November. Leeza Robertson provides messages received from the angels to help you navigate the human experience. This year-long devotional introduces you to lesser-known angels who want to assist with your everyday concerns and show you a path to peace and abundance. In addition to daily messages, you'll enjoy a prayer of connection and a closing ceremony for each month that helps you deepen your angelic practice. From Jana, the angel of doorways, to Sylvania, the angel of transitions, these divine guardians will be with you all 365 days of the year.