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  • $39.99
Approx. 30 cm width x 114 cm height

  This lotus dream catcher from Indonesia is a delicate pink, made with a mix of fabrics and feathers for a soft and dainty appearance. A statement piece that is slender enough to be hung in a prominent place to act as a reminder of harmony and spiritual growth. The design of a dreamcatcher is rooted in the idea of deflecting and capturing negative thoughts.

 The lotus symbol represents an array of concepts, depending on the school of thought. In Buddhism it is symbolic of purity of the body, speech and mind. Buddhists see this flower that floats above the muddy waters of attachment and desire to be symbolic of detachment. In Hinduism the lotus represents beauty, creation and awakening. These simple concepts stem from a complex history. In Egyptology, the lotus represents the sun. In Western culture the lotus has become a popular symbol of meditation and spiritual growth that may include many of these historical concepts.

  Materials include cotton, polyester, chicken feathers and galvanized wire.