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Nature Montages

Discover Gary Grayson’s vibrantly detailed gardens in this Moon Garden journal design. A lifetime artist, Grayson’s affinity for both antique prints and modern graphic design is on display in this book cover. Grayson is an artist who defies the limitations of genre. May his boundless creativity so inspire your own expressions of imagination


Drawing inspiration from the modern world, Texan artist Gary Grayson uses a mix of pop art, vintage vector, impressionism and portraiture to create striking images of anything from beloved pets to legendary music icons.

A lifelong artist and collector of antique books and prints, Grayson has worked for over 35 years in advertising and graphic design. A fan of contemporary literature as well as art, it’s easy to see Grayson’s modern and playful influences in this cover design.

Inspired by a diverse artist’s palette, Grayson employs an array of multidisciplinary art and techniques. As we see in the piece reproduced here, Grayson blends his contemporary influences with those from nature, creating a truly magical manifestation of a garden scene that wholly captures our imaginations.

With a busy forefront of flowers and wildlife, this colourful Moon Garden design is brought together by the arresting sight of an enchanted moon watching over the scene below. Pops of vibrant colour showcase the masterful eye of Grayson’s view of the natural world revealed in a playful and enigmatic nature montage.



  • Original Art: Garden Moon digital art by Gary Grayson
  • Era: Contemporary
  • Region: United States