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Fuschite is the green, chromium-rich variety of muscovite, otherwise known as mica, which crystallizes in the form of plate like layers. Kyanite is commonly found within mica deposits and in this case is in combination with fuchsite. Within this combination, ruby crystals are embedded; their red colour is also caused by the presence of chromium.

 Ruby in Fuschite is said to stimulate love and nurturing and brings knowledge, spiritual wisdom and wealth. Kyanite enhance both creative expression and aid in the development of truth and loyalty by bringing in divine essence.

 Tumbled stones offer a learning and discovery tool, they are unique heartfelt gifts and work as home accents in fountains, vases, candle displays and plants. If you are selecting them for special meditation and healing practices, you will find a wide selection on our site.  

As a product of nature size and shape will vary