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  • $10.99

Rhodochrosite integrates physical and spiritual energies,. It can stimulate love and passion while energising the soul.  Rhodochrosite assists with opening the heart, lifting depression and encouraging a positive and cheerful outlook.  It helps improve self worth and soothes emotional stress.  Rhodochrosite encourages a positive outlook and attitude, boosts creativity and innovation, and enhances dream states.

Rhodochrosite regulates and stabilises the heart , balances blood pressure, stimulates circulation, the kidneys and reproductive organs.  It helps to alleviate migraines, skin disorders, thyroid imbalances, and intestinal problems.  Rhodochrosite helps to purify the circulatory system and restores poor eyesight.

 Tumbled stones offer a learning and discovery tool, they are unique heartfelt gifts and work as home accents in fountains, vases, candle displays and plants. If you are selecting them for special meditation and healing practices, you will find a wide selection on our site.  

As a product of nature size and shapes will vary