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Amblygonite is a powerhouse of energy. Use amblygonite in meditation to flood your body with golden light, and strengthen your connection with the divine. This in turn reminds us of our own divinity. Amblygonite energises and centres all Chakras, particularly the Solar Plexus and above. It can help us feel our connection with the earth while working at higher levels. Emotionally, it is a powerful anti-depressant, and because of its lithium content, may also be used to balance emotions in the case of bi-polar syndrome.  It assists with release of stress and worry, bringing peace of mind.  Physically, amblygonite is a warming crystal, and can be used to treat infection and fever. Amblygonite supports our filter organs and immune systems.  Spiritually, it aids in burning off unwanted karma and energy blocks. 

Amblygonite enhances creativity and will assist to enhance your creative gifts as it encourages your inner balance to flourish 

It is a stone to help you to release karmic hooks or ties from past experiences, from former relationships, allowing you to break free from the past.

It is an excellent healing stone for a number of health issues including broken bones. 

As a product of nature size and shapes will vary