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The Pentacle

The Pentacle

A pentagram is a five sided, transparent star and when it is drawn within a circle, it becomes one of the oldest markings known to humankind, known as a pentacle, pentalpha, pentangle, or star pentagon. Dating back to Europe as far as 8000 years ago, the pentacle is a symbol fraught with mystery, intrigue, and meaning. It has been the symbol of various religions and nations, from Christianity and Islam, to MoroccoEthiopia and ancient Jerusalem.

In modern times, Wiccans use the pentacle to represent earth, air, fire, water and Spirit, with Spirit occupying the top and most important point. However, these values change from culture to culture.

The pentacle itself is a symbol of protection. Most religions on Earth attribute special powers to the number 5 which represents the human body, 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 pillars etc. There are also 5 virtues- Love, Wisdom, Truth, Kindness, and Justice. It is in the efforts that we make to manifest these 5 virtues that the Divine protection usually attributed to the pentacle becomes effective. 

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